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Victor Quintana

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Victor Quintana

Victor Quintana


Innovating for a Global Photographic Imprint 1989

 I am not just another photographer. I am Victor Quintana, an artist, dreamer, poet, storyteller, digital wizard, regular run of the mill magic wizard, free thinker, misfit, and at times lone wolf, especially when I'm hungry. Its in your best interest that I go off on my own.

I do things my own way. Which you'll first encounter when we have our first meeting and see that I have a special place in my camera pack with strands of hair from everyone I've worked with. It's a metaphor for the process and the way my team and I hatch ideas off the top of our heads.

I'm certainly not right for everyone. When you have a business problem, I don't come back to you with the kind of practical, realistic "solutions" you'd expect to see in the played-out photography world. I don't make look books, I produce visual anarchy. I don't shoot products, I craft maddening, inescapable imagery labyrinths, creating a sense of wonder that compels your audience to ask "What is this?" and "Take my money!"

My presentations aren't just your run-of-the-mill, same old same old print campaigns. Instead, I invent presentation experiences. Innovative, unconventional juxtapositions of creative content in the form of imagery, feelings, loud noises, usual smells, a smattering of poorly formatted Adobe Acrobat documents, and several real acrobats dangling from the ceiling. You'd better brace yourselves, because you've never seen anything quite like it. The idea of thinking outside the box and breaking all the rules is so important to me.

Some may call me renegade. Others may call me an innovator. And a select few beach security officials will call me exactly what I am - Victor Quintana, the first of his name, The Trespasser, Shot Getter, Breaker of Rules, Content Creator and Father of Lizards. But one thing is clear: The work I do here is impossible to copy. I write little messages in all of my photos. Happy hunting.