Victor Quintana

Photos by Mikey Berlfein.

Thanks so much for visiting my site, and hopefully you find something that suits your needs, or that sparks your interest.

As you may have already gathered, I pursue multiple disciplines in the creative field, and only just realized that they were separate jobs, or titles. They say you can’t be a “Jack of all Traits”, so I've been told on several occasions. Well actually, I can. 

I'm the Creative Director and owner of Guava Cay Media, based in Miami, Florida, and I moonlight as a freelance photographer, writer, director and creative consultant.

I wear fishing buffs, practice navigating life in 2019, and believe that if you aren’t producing quality content for yourself first before others, you’re doing it wrong.

Victor Quintana

Below is a snippet of what a typical shoot looks like from a behind the scenes (BTS) look.

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Photos by: Mikey Berlfein