Victor Quintana Personal Travel Photographer

Victor Quintana

Photos for me. Memories for you.

I am not just another photographer. I am Victor Quintana, an artist, dreamer, poet, storyteller, digital wizard, regular run of the mill magic wizard, free thinker, and, at times, a misfit.  I've found the best ways to grow as both a human and photographer are to constantly expose myself to new people, places and comically uncomfortable situations.

When you come to me with a trip itinerary, do not expect the kind of practical, realistic cheesy photos you'd expect to see in the played-out vacation photography world. I don't make albums, I produce visual literacy. I don't shoot portraits, I illustrate emotions, creating a sense of wonder that compels you to share your vacation experiences.

I'm open to all types of travelers, dreamers, poets and storytellers. 



VQ Photos

If interested in commercial, fashion photography by Victor Quintana, please visit this website..